Friday, 11 July 2014

Managers means not being needed for 99% of the time

Being unknown to private corporate culture, I started my career after finishing my education just with natural supposition that if I work hard and contributed well as a team player, I would get promoted by top management.  
Unfortunately, you are wrong if you think so.Reality is that it is not only hard work and contribution which help you to grow but needs some addition promotion attributes like  back-stabbing, cunning, lobby-ism or being managers pet .  You can’t and you really don’t know what your peer or colleague is thinking about you or doing behind you. I also didn't anticipate how many people acted like this or how effective they would be. Simply hard to know or judge who is what?
Truth is that there is more or less your manager who plays around and definitely depends whether you are his pet or follower ? If not, you better don’t expect any growth.

Problem with managers:-

I believe 99% managers are insecure in their role. The mind-set of reverses goes a long way in understanding human nature. This is mind-set developed in them and they never get over this. So, it clearly visible and obvious that they feel insecure and confused over their role and yours too. Many senior managers are ruthless. They put pressure just for the sake of increasing short-term productivity and don’t know consequences for long term which is really hell i. I’ve observed in the tech industry that in general, anyone who has a sense of self-worth usually doesn’t get promoted to management.

I also experienced that being a manager means not being needed for 99% of the time. During S/w development cycle what average manager do?  Assuming there is proper work breakup done for the project, there isn’t going to be too much management to do except manager opening excel sheet and maintaining leave record for resources and status emails  . 

Strange and hard to understand is Instead of removing him from the projects, he/she just schedule some meetings just to show that their salaries are not a complete waste to the company and company doesn't see that.:)
How to deal with them? If he/she does nothing, top management should simply replace such 99% wastage from project because project smooth running demands someone more “hands on” Or just do simple budget cut because the departments with constant emergencies need more funding.

Not only managers, you have other characters too (but not big deal to deal with them). Like..

Excel guy – Usually team leads, they have no coding skills, good at assigning tasks and making top management fool by showing that work was done by them. Usually, knowing some design pattern by name and impressing juniors or others by speaking loudly in front of them everyone most of the times tricky guys. Isn't ? They are simply thieves. Steals appreciation, shows-off at conference calls 
How to Deal with them?
1)  Person who is tricky/clever magnifying his or her successes, contributions. He does not recognize which achievements he should promote; He communicates them all...and very loudly.

Magnify or Add more to his voice. If possible add more to his/her voice by saying, “He/She is the best in every technology”. Finally, his credibility will ache as people demand more of him

2)  Backstabbers are the hardest bastards. Some will be your "friend" while others might operate from behind the wall

The most important method is to strike back and make sure they know that you are watching them closely


To be a GOOD manager, you have to be a good person .If I said “Good”, I mean you won’t lie to, blame, shout at or threaten your people. You’ll treat your people respect dignity and enjoy helping people to grow. Few things feel better than helping someone who is new to a role, or who has been struggling, into becoming a productive, confident person. Above all this you will Love creating positive environments. A great manager creates a team and office environment that makes it easy for smart people to do good things.

I will  love to hear about you experience with such characters in industry.

Thank you